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Big Book of Handspinning

The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning
by Alden Amos

Hardcover, $39.95
ISBN 1-883010-88-8
Interweave Press, 2001.
495 pages.

A life-long tinker and mechanic, Alden Amos built his first spinning wheels in 1962. "They were not very good wheels," he says, "being more for decoration than for use." By the early 1970s all that had changed. After several stints in the military, in 1974 he became a full-time, self-employed wheel builder and production spinner. With a great interest in "olden days and olden ways," in this book he brings us his experiences as a wheel builder, a handspinner and a weaver. As he puts it, "It's all about the ancient and honorable craft of handspinning." Author of Spinning Wheel Primer (1976); co-author (with Susan Druding, Bette Hochberg and Lori Hanson) of 101 Questions for Spinners (1978); and author of several lesser known works (The Great Wheel, Spindle Construction), he makes his home with Stephanie Gaustad in the California Mother Lode, outside of Jackson.

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