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The Lucette Book

The Lucette Book
by Daniel Phelps
Illustrated by E.C. "Stan" Field

Spiral, 8.5" x 11", $14.00
Peacock Publications, 2004.
24 pages.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word lucet as a lady's lace loom based on the Summonds Dictionary of Trade 1858. It is not tatted or bobbin lace, but rather cord and very strong at that. It dates back in time a long way before this definition. The typical wooden Y-shaped (or horned) lucet is used for illustraion in this book. This booklet covers basic square cord, diamond cord, flat cord, multi-loop variations, two strand variations, bicolor variations, and three stranded cord. The uses for lucet cord are endless. Why not pick up the instructions and start creating your own unique cords? Lucets are sold separately. Visit the Lucet page.

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