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Nalbinding Mady Easy

Nalbinding Made Easy
by Sigrid Briansdotter
(Anne Marie Haymes)

Softcover, 5.5" x 8.5", $15.00
ISBN 0-9708354-1-8
Tangle Fairies, 2004.
69 pages.

Anne Marie Haymes or Sigurd Briansdotter, as she is known throughout the SCA, takes you through cast-on, stitches, bends, techniques and everything you need to create hats, mittens and socks in the old tradition of nalbinding. She specifically covers the stitch used in a sock circa 970 AD that was found in a grave in Mammen, Denmark.The first stitch is named after this find and is also called a UOO/UUOO F2. Her first book, The Asle Mitten, is also available from Ursula's Alcove.